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Call me Aragorn, I dig elves.

Taste the Rainbow

In: Commercials

30 Mar 2011

I was scanning Pajiba today, and I started to read one of the video titles. I got through “The Evolution of Nicolas C–” and boom I immediately embedded it into a blog post.

Clint Webb may be one sarcastic sonofabitch, but by George I’d follow that man to the white house and back.

I don’t even know what an autotune looks like. Crazy kids with their crazy…vd.

You thought she was gonna start diddling herself, didn’t you? Get your mind out of the gutter, you sick bastard.

Cool Fact of the Day

In: Youtube

12 Jul 2010

Did you know you can skip a Youtube commercial by pressing F5? No? Well now you do. You’re welcome.

Dan the Man

In: Youtube

4 May 2010

One dorra prease…good looks to Rusky for the tip.


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