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You know what’s weird about American History X?  It had two actors from Boy Meets World in it, and both of them were racist pricks.  That’s one hell of a 180.  Mr. Turner’s buddy and Shawn’s girlfriend were lucky to get off that set alive. (via reddit)

Ah yes, Goldeneye returns. Next to Wayne Gretsky’s 3D Hockey that was the  best game to ever hit the N64. I’m a very competitive guy, but that had to be the first video game that could drive me to anger. My brother and I used to fight each other after each game because I was [...]

February 5, 2009: Dear diary, I tried to sell my Nintendo Wii through my college’s equivalent of Craig’s List last week. I was asking $400 for the package because the system could play burned copies of games and included a bunch of extras. I received several offers in the $300 range that I was considering, but decided to hold [...]

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19 Aug 2009

Heard your mother set the high score in Suckend Life the other day.  Tell her congrats for me. l Thanks to Ross for the tip.

– Video game players with less-than-dexterous thumbs will soon stand a fighting chance, with Microsoft Corp. on Monday promising a new method for controlling the action with full body movements. The Redmond, Wash., software giant unveiled a technology for its Xbox 360 video game console that, as early as next year, could let people toss [...]


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