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11 Apr 2011

Words can’t even begin to describe the events that took place in that video. Bollywood never ceases to amaze me.

Flight of The Bumblebee

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17 Jun 2010

I wonder if she makes those faces when she’s having sex. The one at the :30 second mark was soo hott.

5’11” Tall drink of water with a unmeasurable amount of sexapeal, seeking a sexy valentine. THING I LIKE IN A LADY….. Has a sexy pair of eyes. Doesn’t mind if things get a little weird. Enjoys sweaty love making. Can handle 4 min riding this bucking bronco. THINGS ABOUT MYSELF…. Big things don’t always come [...]

A British woman appeared on the Tyra Banks show to talk about her unique condition: she has two vaginas!

Do You Want To See A Two-Headed Chick Give A BJ? Fine, Be My Guest…

From the site – Girls & Corpses is sort of like Maxim Magazine meets Dawn Of The Dead. There are pictures in each issue of beautiful, scantily clad young beauties posing with hideous, decaying, festering corpses. Also, we have interviews, comic book art, music and movie reviews and other mayhem. What could be better? Hmm, [...]


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