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SAN DIEGO (AP) – Border authorities arrested a man trying to cross the border with two mowers stuffed with the type of grass not usually found in machinery. U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested an unidentified Mexican man who tried to smuggle 53 pounds’ worth of marijuana across the border on Friday. The man drove into the [...]

Old People Love Weed

In: News

22 Feb 2010

Just read an awesome article about old people smoking weed. Some choice quotes: “Each night, 66-year-old Stroup says he sits down to the evening news, pours himself a glass of wine and rolls a joint. He’s used the drug since he was a freshman at Georgetown, but many older adults are revisiting marijuana after years [...]

Beasley just recently posted this pic of his new tattoo on Twitter.  A lot of people are assuming that the baggy on the floor contains weed.  What do I think?  I think it’s just a bag of Ju Ju Beas… Nice tattoo, idiot.

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked the site a few minutes ago. I don’t know which asshole at Google decided to pull a prank on me, but I am impressed. How dare they advertise “sober college” on!! These ads couldn’t represent us any worse. I am now forced to tag the [...]

Dog Gets Stoned

In: News

12 Jun 2009

  SEATTLE – A dog that ran off from its owner in Seattle’s Seward Park found and ate some marijuana and got high. Owner Jen Nestor Waddell told KING-TV the 11-year-old black Lab mix named Jack was “just stoned” May 12 after they returned home from the park. The dog’s eyes glossed over and he had trouble [...]

A witness pointed out a man in Woodland Park who he said was exposing himself and masturbating Friday afternoon. But after the police approached the suspect, the man said he didn’t have his pants down – he was only there with $25 of marijuana he’d bought. a) where can I get a nug of that [...]

All Day, Every Day

In: Youtube

16 Apr 2009


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