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Good news for vodka lovers as you can consume your favourite drink just like any other solid food, without the hassle of carrying heavy glass bottles.

Tried this stuff out last weekend for my birthday and it’s halfway decent.  It’s pretty much the same thing as Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, but it’s clear and comes in a bottle with the Green Monster on the side of it.  I recommend giving it a go with red bull to ensure shenanigans ensue.  Here’s [...]

Countryfest is finally upon us, my friends.  We’ve had to wait longer than usual this summer, but our patience will be rewarded with one hell of a weather forecast tomorrow.  85 degrees, 0% chance of precipitation, and not a cloud in the sky.  Bring the SPF.  I get especially pumped up for this event, mainly [...]

What kind of website would we be if we didn’t live up to our name before a big weekend out on the town.  Every Friday the editors at Boozeworthy will provide you with a recipe to one of our favorite beverage selections.  Your job, Boozehounds, is to try it out at some point over the [...]


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