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FYI: thinly veiled political pot-stirring regarding the ethnic cleansing going on in parts of Africa.  Go to Vimeo if youtube bans this video, there is one very brief nude scene in the beginning.

Those of you who have been BoozeWorthy fans for a while probably remember the safety videos we posted in june and november. Both of those were good, but I think this one takes the cake, despite the shitty audio quality.

We all react to South Park in our own way. Some laugh, others create a hilarious video defending the existence of gingers’ souls. I thought this kid was faking at first. I figured “There’s no way he can be serious. This is completely ridiculous,” but then again…how could anyone who was NOT being utterly serious [...]

Epic GIF Compilation

In: Youtube

21 Jan 2010

If you’ve seen the Andrews’ video then you know it was shot from a low angle with a handheld camera. They teach geometry at the police academy?

You’d think clicking on something labelled as RACHEL BILSON NUDE SEX SCENE would be a bit more gratifying. Is this what they call the “old switcheroo?”

Just for Laughs – Free videos are just a click away Thanks, Britain


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