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Probably won’t be buying the game but I can appreciate a good impression

You know what’s weird about American History X?  It had two actors from Boy Meets World in it, and both of them were racist pricks.  That’s one hell of a 180.  Mr. Turner’s buddy and Shawn’s girlfriend were lucky to get off that set alive. (via reddit)

The Force Unleashed

In: Random

16 Jun 2010

Whether you like video games or not, that was still a pretty sick clip.

Dan the Man

In: Youtube

4 May 2010

But this would be SICK to have

Now bear my artic blast!!!

This post is a bit on the gory side, although any kid who played MK growing up knows there’s a certain morbid humor about some of the kills in this video.  The animalities are all absolutely ridiculous.  I love the Predator (:56) and Monty Python (6:00) references, and the exploding Penguin egg (6:20) made my day.

The Nintendo Shii

In: Youtube

19 Aug 2009

Heard your mother set the high score in Suckend Life the other day.  Tell her congrats for me. l Thanks to Ross for the tip.


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