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Call me Aragorn, I dig elves.

I’d honestly rather watch this trailer on repeat for an hour and a half than sit through Shallow Hal or Stuck On You ever again.

Yeah, Inception was pretty good I guess. But nothing says summer blockbuster like a genetically fucked up sea creature eating anyone who dares to engage in cheesy dialogue on the high seas.

In related news, The Breakfast Club is now officially a porn parody. It’s a parody because in this version, the girls are actually attractive.

Mortal Kombat Rebirth

In: Movies

10 Jun 2010

Don’t get all fired up yet, this is just an incredibly polished film short made by Kevin Tancharoen to show WB where he wants to take the franchise and to gauge fan reaction regarding another MK installment.

I normally don’t like videos that try to be too clever for their own good, but that was pretty well executed. Catchphrase!

I’m not a big comic book guy, so I don’t know all of Iron Man’s nemeses. However, I’m fairly certain this “Whiplash” character was a poor choice.


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