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Good Flick

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23 Feb 2011

Did you get a horrible gift for Christmas that you intend to return? Do the words “Nic Cage” bring a smile to your face? If you answered yes, then the Nicolas Cage Adventure Set is for you!

This dude is an absolute freak.  How about 1:10.  Or 2:15.  Ridiculous.  Great finishing move at the end there, too.  How much would you pay to go see a Mortal Kombat sequel with Jaa starring as Lui Kang and Nick Cage starring as Johnny Cage?  I think I’d give up my first-born child to see [...]

I’ve had this Nic Cage photo e-mailed to me a couple times today by friends who know I find Nic Cage to be one of the funniest/most ridiculous human beings on the planet.  In the 1990′s, a Superman project was developed as a vehicle for Cage, he did a costume fitting supposedly, but the film [...]


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