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NEW YORK — RadioShack (RSH) is the latest older, “legacy” brand to try to put a cool, hip spin on itself. The 88-year-old electronics outfit will re-introduce itself Thursday as just “The Shack” — at least in its ads. The retail chain is spending a big chunk of its $200 million ad budget for this year on [...]

Next thing we know, someone will install a huge picture of a boner in the changing room mirrors of Maternity GAP.  Oh shit, can the internet be used as incriminating evidence?

May 4, 2009 – Amazon is readying a larger version of its hugely popular Kindle e-reader that could be available as soon as Wednesday. According to reports, the large-size Kindle would be geared specifically to periodicals—a Kindle designed to mimic the look and feel of newspapers and magazines. The New York Times was first to [...]

Simply put, Twitter is a social networking site where you can follow any number of person’s ever-changing quips on a second-by-second basis. Sound a bit like the facebook news feed? They are not so different. However, Twitter is growing at an incredibly fast pace, leading some to believe they could be the next Google. It [...]


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