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Survival Tip: Land on clomid effects on men the mattresses. Also, don’t let a hippie drive the truck…or be your friend in general.

Survival Tip: Watch out for falling santas.

Survival Tip: Be alert if your friend has a dryer sense of humor than most. ba dump ching.

Survival Tip: Don’t carpool with that guy. I guarantee you they were listening to this song while driving. I once drove my vehicle into a snow bank when that song was playing. Luckily the car that stopped to help me was filled with 300 pound college football players, so I got back on the road in a jiffy. The [...]

Survival Tip: Hit that jump like a real man, pussy. Also don’t break your fall with your face.

Survival Tip: Don’t drift off to Never Never Land at a concert. Enter Sandman Faceplant – watch more funny videos

Survival Tip: Don’t fuck with Fedor.

MIDDLEFIELD, Conn. — State police said a man died after falling off a cliff Saturday night on Kickapoo Road. Michael Beaudry, 20, of Meriden, was drinking and hanging out with three friends on the cliff, state police said. One of his friends dropped her phone and it landed on a ledge. Police said Beaudry tried to [...]

  Survival Tip: Harvey Keitel should stick to acting.

Survival Tip: God/Karma hates skateboarders just as much as I do.


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