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Mom is on Facebook

In: Comics

13 Jan 2011


In: Comics

11 Oct 2010

(via reddit)

Bulletproof T-Shirts?

In: News

12 Apr 2010

Researchers at the University of South Carolina have figured out how to combine the carbon component of cotton with boron to create a cotton t-shirt with the toughness of body armor. The scientists started with plain white y-shirts that were cut into thin strips and dipped into a boron solution. The strips were later removed [...]

Call me crazy, but I prefer this version of Superman way better.

Haven’t posted one of these in quite sometime. Guess it’s just tough to come up with some really tricky ones. Because that’s what we strive for in this segment – difficulty.

I’ve had this Nic Cage photo e-mailed to me a couple times today by friends who know I find Nic Cage to be one of the funniest/most ridiculous human beings on the planet.  In the 1990′s, a Superman project was developed as a vehicle for Cage, he did a costume fitting supposedly, but the film [...]


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