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13 Jan 2011

(via reddit)

Did people really telegraph their punches that badly in the 1960′s, I mean the 2200′s? So many questions. Khaaaaaaaaan!!!

A look at some of the best home theaters ever assembled. Stick me in the Bat Cave or the Temple of Doom and I’ll never leave home again.

If you like The Office or Curb, you’d probably enjoy Extras.  And if you like clever comedy, you’ll probably enjoy this scene:

Sometimes I wonder…do publicists really exist?  Because if they do exist, then this video proves that many of them are double agents, secretly working on our side.  Quinto’s and A-Rod’s publicists probably get together for brunch every Sunday and think up ridiculous shit to put their clients through on a weekly basis. A-Rod’s:  Hey, remember [...]

Don’t blame me for using a TV clip, it was just too perfect.


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