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I know we’re a tad late to the party on this one as it was already up on Tosh.0, but you cannot let this video go by unwatched.

Accordian Dog

In: Random

16 Sep 2010

Your move, Felis Catus. Your move.

Scott Stapp, you slay me.

I don’t even know what an autotune looks like. Crazy kids with their crazy…vd.

The Oil Spill Song

In: Music

11 Jun 2010

It’s not often you see a room full of people singing about balls in their mouths. Well played. That ginger down near the front was fucking loving it.

The Four-Chord Song

In: Music

27 Apr 2010

I went into it expecting to hear rubbish, I came out of it thinking I should go set my DVR to record The Office tonight. Decent song though, decent song.


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