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This video just shot to the top of the “Why Soccer Sucks Dick” scale, and that’s no easy feat.

Goalkeeper Fail

In: Sports

10 Sep 2010

This is why you don’t showboat until the fat lady sings. This hotshot paid the price. Doesn’t matter what the sport is, you can’t take any chances. You gotta eliminate any doubt before you pop the champagne. Just ask Judge Smails who was too busy celebrating to enforce a rule that could have won him the [...]

Tough video to break down, but I think I’m on Michael Phelps’ side on this one.

A Ridiculous Own Goal

In: Sports

7 Jul 2010

I’m no soccer nut, but that has to be the craziest own goal in the history of the world.

World Cup newspaper coverage shows a depiction of your typical North Korean.

Soccer Officially Announces It Is Gay

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m a soccer fan, but Nike’s marketing team has won me over with these ads. Impressive stuff.

But Kobe almost ruined it.

Themercury – A soccer player booked by a no-nonsense referee for diving had in fact dropped dead of a heart attack. Goran Tunjic, a 32-year-old defender playing for the Croatian side Mladost, collapsed and fell over after being tackled in the 35th minute of a game against local rivals Hrvatski Sokola. The ref, who had [...]


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