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Last time Zach hosted SNL I was disappointed with the outcome, but it sounds like (I didn’t watch it) the writers actually wrote him some good sketches this time around. As expected the monologue was great and the skit was pretty popular. I’ll check out the rest when I get home, my IP address at work [...]

SNL is so disappointing these days. How can a show with so much creative freedom fail week after week? What used to be a stomping ground for future stars is now just a promotional vehicle for each host’s new movie/show/album. I could create skits 10x better than the shit they come up with nowadays. How about a [...]

Why Hulu would wait until this week to post the best Galifianakis skit from last weekend is beyond me. Makes absolutely no sense. Anyway, here’s “Pagent Talk” where Zach plays a character similar to Seth Galifianakis on his DVD.

Funny or Die’s Presidential Reunion from Will Ferrell

Me and Doc Holliday have been doing the “It’s My Life” dance for years. Skip to 1:50 mark if you’re really lazy.

Paris Hilton’s daily existence is the paradigm of chiefdom, so essentially she’s always good for a substitution whenever the rest of America has a quiet week.


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