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Weather Report

In: WTF?

31 Mar 2011

The fuck did I just watch?

The end result is indeed boozeworthy, but I imagine the amount of time spent on planning this feat was significant. College isn’t about planning large-scale video game tributes. College is about consuming copious amounts of alcohol and drugs amidst a neverending quest to get laid. Now if they got laid as a direct result of this performance [...]

Share the clip vandammit, whether it’s being made fun of or not. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, especially when it comes to Van Damme movies.

Beware of Toilet Snakes!

In: News

15 May 2009

  TAIPEI (Reuters) – A Taiwanese man became a sitting target for a snake, which bit his penis as sat on the toilet at his rural home, local media reported on Monday. ”As soon as he sat down, he suddenly felt a knife-like pain and reacted instinctively by standing up,” theChina Times said. “When he looked down, [...]


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