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Awesome Sergio Prank

In: Youtube

14 Mar 2011

You never know when having a saxophone-playing friend is going to come in handy.

CPR is fun

In: Youtube

15 Jun 2010

Chick still brings the heat at 41. Beautiful work.

It’s like the ghosts know that the most absolutely terrifying thing you can do to a person is suddenly appear behind them in a mirror. Ghosts are fucking assholes. Clever assholes.

Candice Swanepoel is a South African Victoria’s Secret model.  She also came damn close to getting violated on national TV by Shannon Sharpe and the rest of the NFL Today crew, not that I blame them. Click below for more…

Monica Bellucci is 45 years old and still absolutely stunning. Her body is perfect, she has a sexy accent, and she’s not afraid to get completely naked in movies.

Picture gallery featuring a hot young swimsuit model named Chloe Kalin

I can do the robot…need to add that to the resume


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