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Watch it quick before it gets taken down. I don’t know why the Downfall producers haven’t just embraced this gag already.

Hello Boozers and welcome back to Great Male Reactions – the game where Christopher Walken impressions are not only permitted, they’re encouraged.  In honor of Awkward Day, we’re breakin’ out a bottle of awkward violence in public parks.  This video’s a bit long but there’s a whole lot of unintentional comedy flying around. They show the couple [...]

Hello Boozers and welcome to Great Male Reactions – the game where you are awarded no points, everybody wins, and God has no mercy on your soul.  Just read/watch/look at the article/video/picture below, and then guess my favorite part of the installment.  If you got it right, you win.  If you got it wrong, you [...]


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