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Some of you know Al K and I have a rap group, but at least we know we’re a joke. These reality stars need a wake up call. This CD won’t even outsell William Hung. I’m jersey shore of it. – Thanks to Doc for the tip. He’s golfing today. P.S. – If you want us to write [...]

Police in New York have arrested a woman claiming to be the wife of unmarried hip hop star P Diddy. Cemelia Green was released today on $5000 bail after trespassing onto a property she mistakenly believed to be the rapper’s home. It’s the second time Ms Green has been seen at the house, though she [...]

Their kids were probably 3 swirlies deep by the time that song even ended. Gotta love the half-miss high five to bring it home.

For the folks that aren’t familiar with Bo, he is an up-and-coming comedian from Massachusetts. He is currently writing the script and the music for a Judd Apatow’s latest project. Support our fellow Masshole and check out his videos on Youtube.

So Doc H requested some help with the “Drink of the Week” segment. I decided to turn to an old favorite made popular by the infamous Snoop D-O-DOUBLE G. It’s off the heezy fo sheezy. Ingredients 2.0 oz  Gin 2.0 oz  Grapefruit Juice 3.0 oz  Orange juice Directions Pour all ingredients into shaker. Fill a [...]

I gotta be honest, at first I thought this was a joke. Then I read the Youtube description: “THIS IS AN UNMASTERED ROUGH VERSION AND VIDEO As A SAMPLER FOR THE DEBUT ALBUM WHICH IS DROPPIN IN LATE FALL 09! PLEASE DONT PLAYA HATE LIKE SOME OF THE OTHER COMMENTATERS HAVE.” I usually don’t condone suicide, [...]

The “Press Hop”

In: Music

1 Jul 2009

  File this one away with “Gayfish” and “I’m on a Boat” in the “3 songs I want played in a row at the bar this weekend” folder.  Gotta love the Jim Mora autotune. The Universe-Famous MC NEEZ

Show Me Your Genitals (Jon Lajoie) – watch more funny videos


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