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Dad Is Not Amused

In: Youtube

5 Apr 2011

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Awesome Sergio Prank

In: Youtube

14 Mar 2011

You never know when having a saxophone-playing friend is going to come in handy.

Haha, What a Bitch

In: Youtube

11 Mar 2011

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In: Comics

8 Mar 2011

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Awesome Phone Prank

In: Youtube

25 Jan 2011

Just a genius prank all around. They had every angle covered and there wasn’t a thing Mathieu could do to avoid walking into every trap

Quality Snow Prank

In: Youtube

10 Dec 2010


In: WTF?

8 Nov 2010

Great Prank

In: Random

25 Oct 2010

Graduation Prank

In: Youtube

22 Sep 2010

That Mike Hawk sounds like a good friend. It takes balls to stand up for someone. You dont semen like that too often these days. They only cum around once in a while.


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