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Nice left arm too. Thanks to Jim for the tip.

Prancing Cera

In: Random

30 Aug 2010

There’s a new meme on the loose following the release of a photo of Michael Cera taken by Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright.

Some kid thought it a good idea to ask the message boards at to help him remove the red eye from his bike trick photo. He should have known better than that. i Just was out shooting some bike pics with my friend tonight, anyone here with good photoshop skills able to take out the [...]

Real vs. Fake

In: Random

14 Jun 2010

Oh, Photoshop airbrush tool…You make jerking off so much easier. Also, wtf is going on with her armpit?

Here I am thinking I’m some sort of authority on Nicolas Cage news, and then I let this little gem of a website sneak by undetected for 2 months. I’m about as distraught as Sean Archer (as Castor Troy) being confronted by Castor Troy (as Sean Archer) in that prison room with magnetic ski boots.

Rageguy Comic about Microsoft Paint’s inability to create a clean background for google images.


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