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Smart move adding some melons.

To the delight of heterosexual males everywhere, Megan Fox has signed on with Armani for a new underwear campaign. Also great is the fact that Armani seems to prefer holding their photoshoots in rooms that are slightly chilly.

Taylor Swift in a bikini. Boring video, but she’s hiding a nice little package under those cowgirl outfits.

Monica Bellucci is 45 years old and still absolutely stunning. Her body is perfect, she has a sexy accent, and she’s not afraid to get completely naked in movies.

For those of you potentially upset about my image choice, you should be happy I didn’t go with this one. TOKYO (Reuters Life!) – Three years ago, a poster of a nude and heavily pregnant Britney Spears sparked concern in Japan before it was displayed in Tokyo’s subways because it was considered “too stimulating” for [...]


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