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Karate Kid

In: Random

21 Mar 2011

(via reddit)


In: Random

21 Jan 2011

(via reddit)

Some kid thought it a good idea to ask the message boards at to help him remove the red eye from his bike trick photo. He should have known better than that. i Just was out shooting some bike pics with my friend tonight, anyone here with good photoshop skills able to take out the [...]

Chick still brings the heat at 41. Beautiful work.

Thanks for the layup, el Duderino.

Here I am thinking I’m some sort of authority on Nicolas Cage news, and then I let this little gem of a website sneak by undetected for 2 months. I’m about as distraught as Sean Archer (as Castor Troy) being confronted by Castor Troy (as Sean Archer) in that prison room with magnetic ski boots.

You’d think clicking on something labelled as RACHEL BILSON NUDE SEX SCENE would be a bit more gratifying. Is this what they call the “old switcheroo?”

An image of an obese passenger squeezed into an economy airline seat has reopened a debate about how airlines deal with growing numbers of oversized passengers.

Mum and dad-to-be Dawn Kelley and William Hickman, from Sunderland, couldn’t believe their eyes when looking at this scan of their unborn baby – seeing the face of Jacko staring back at them.


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