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Smart move getting this on camera. You don’t want your customers filing a lawsuit when you “accidentally” draw a penis shaped rose.

Survival Tip: Don’t be a melonhead.

Air Bag Launch

In: Youtube

25 Aug 2010

That guy got tossed like a rag doll. Those things are supposed to protect you from injury in a car accident?

Survival Tip: Stick to cannonballs

Survival Tip: Make sure she’s a ‘tute before you inquire.

Survival Tip: Don’t draw attention to yourself at the gym if you’re going to smash your face on the dumbbell rack soon after.

Spike TV – Crazy Mike backflip of soda machine gone wrong

Survival Tip: Don’t be a ginger kid. – Thanks to the doc for the tip.

Survival tip: Use the full-service pumps.


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