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SILVERTON, Ore. – Silverton’s openly transgender mayor is under fire for his choice of attire when he went to speak to a group of students. Silverton Together, a non-profit group that works with young people, filed a formal complaint and Mayor Stu Rasmussen is not happy that his wardrobe is under attack. “Why are we even [...]

According to the Associated, a 25 year old man ran a stop sign and crashed into a house after suffering a sneezing fit while driving somewhere in Oregon. I could tell you exactly where in Oregon it happened…but do you really care? You can find the full article here Below is a simulated depiction of [...]

Oregon Passes Bill “Too Gross to Talk About” The newspaper headlines around this one are funny: “House passes bill too gross to talk about,” cringes the Oregonian. Bottom line seems to be that they’ve outlawed bukkake. The proposed new law nobody wants to talk about would make it a second degree sex abuse crime to [...]


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