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Looks like Conan’s finally hopped on the Nic Cage bandwagon and that is fantastic news.

I was scanning Pajiba today, and I started to read one of the video titles. I got through “The Evolution of Nicolas C–” and boom I immediately embedded it into a blog post.

“Uncanny Valley”

In: Random

30 Jun 2010

This beautiful painting is entitled “Uncanny Valley” by Brandon Bird. I think I’ll hang one of these prints over my bed.

I hope it turns into a Jim Morrison kind of thing and people come from all over the world to place bear suits and Elton John CDs at the foot of his tomb.

Here I am thinking I’m some sort of authority on Nicolas Cage news, and then I let this little gem of a website sneak by undetected for 2 months. I’m about as distraught as Sean Archer (as Castor Troy) being confronted by Castor Troy (as Sean Archer) in that prison room with magnetic ski boots.

Did you get a horrible gift for Christmas that you intend to return? Do the words “Nic Cage” bring a smile to your face? If you answered yes, then the Nicolas Cage Adventure Set is for you!

This is a clip from the movie Kick-Ass directed by Matthew Vaughn. Any film that allows Nic Cage to grow a porn stache and act like a maniac gets an A+ in my book.

Haven’t posted one of these in quite sometime. Guess it’s just tough to come up with some really tricky ones. Because that’s what we strive for in this segment – difficulty.

I’ve had this Nic Cage photo e-mailed to me a couple times today by friends who know I find Nic Cage to be one of the funniest/most ridiculous human beings on the planet.  In the 1990′s, a Superman project was developed as a vehicle for Cage, he did a costume fitting supposedly, but the film [...]


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