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Game 4 – Seal It.

In: Sports

7 May 2010

Game 6 – BURY THEM

In: Sports

26 Apr 2010

(Photo courtesy I may be one of the most optimistic Bruins fans in town, but even I’m brimming with frustration tonight.┬áThis team will go from having a great game one day to looking like a goddamn joke the next. Stop making excuses about playing good teams. There’s no time to cry about injuries either. [...]

Overlooked during the Bruin’s recent turnaround, is their inability to put away games in the 3rd period.

Dumbass. Goalies are busy enough without having to worry about Paul “Dr. Hook” D’Amato chopping wood out there. And yes, that is a link to Dr. Hook’s personal website.

If you listen to 98.5 today you are probably going to hear a bunch of guys yell about “how lucky the Bruins were to come away with a victory Thursday night.”

Michael Liambas was suspended for the full season and the playoffs for this hit on Ben Fanelli. That’s way too severe of a penalty.


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