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7 Dec 2010

We got a regular Nostradamus over here.

Let me start by saying that was awesome. However, wtf Oakland? You guys aren’t supposed to be winning football games. The Pats have your 1st round pick this spring, don’t you realize that Mark Ingram wants to be a Patriot? Enough of this nonsense.

“Hey Hugh Jackman, check it out, I’m your biggest fan. You want me to blow you?” PITTSBURGH — Linebacker LaMarr Woodley predicts the New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals will “lay down” for their virtually meaningless games Sunday because they don’t want the Super Bowl champion Steelers to make the playoffs. The Steelers (8-7) would [...]

In addition to a Patriots playoff berth, Sunday’s action dropped the Giants from playoff contention and ended the Colts’ undefeated streak. While Eli was busy throwing 2 picks and posting 9 points, Peyton was forced to watch from the sideline as the Jets capitalized on playing the Colts’ B team. It’s hard to argue with [...]

Hey, DirectTV, maybe we can work out a trade. What would happen if we tossed some free advertising your way, would that be something you might be interested in?

Our winner this week is Dante Wesley of the Carolina Panthers who absolutely destroyed Tampa Bay punt returner Clifton Smith before Smith could catch the punt.

The Baltimore Sun -  Except for middle linebacker Ray Lewis, most of the Ravens didn’t want to criticize the officiating, so I will. I’ve been covering the NFL since 1987, and no one will ever accuse me of being a Ravens’ homer, but this was one of the worst officiated games I’ve ever seen. Yes, [...]

  That was some game, wasn’t it? A year had passed since Brady last took the field in a regular season contest, but that didn’t stop Patriot fans from building high expectations. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this game was not to be a cake walk. Welker and Brady appeared to [...]

.  “A Better Way to Decide Overtime in the N.F.L.” Teams that win the coin flip have an advantage and win more games. The losing team frequently doesn’t get a chance to touch the ball. Life isn’t fair, and this system isn’t either.  Last season, the Patriots lost to the Jets on the first overtime [...]


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