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It’s about time someone outdid the reigning champ.

Survival Tip: Don’t join the local news team.

Their kids were probably 3 swirlies deep by the time that song even ended. Gotta love the half-miss high five to bring it home.

I am a big LOST fan, but even I can admit this is funny. Final Season Of ‘Lost’ Promises To Make Fans More Annoying Than Ever

This week in idiots…

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19 Jan 2010

If Dieter had planned this whole thing out a little better, he would have had idiot Stefan Koch bring him a bottle of vodka, cigarettes, and fireworks, too.

Don’t ask me to tell you what is going on in this newscast, but that anchor was on fire. First, he comes outta nowhere with his “keep fucking that chicken” quote.  He then proceeds to make creepy comments about how his co-anchor looks in workout clothes. He probably pulled a Ron Bergundy and drank some [...]

Batman Update?

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5 Aug 2009

NBC Chicago – They call him the “Scarecrow Bandit” and he’s a wanted man. The FBI released an alert for the bank robber who has been terrorizing the suburbs. The crook garnered the Batman-themed moniker because he sports a floppy hat, smears mud on his face and carries a sawed-off broom handle that he uses [...]

And we’re back with another Great Male Reaction, brought to you by the Salute Your Shorts DVD box set.  We’re dubbing this one the “I swear to drunk I’m not God.”  The calm build-up to the final climax is awesome.  You quickly realize that A.) This kid is clearly struggling after a long night out, [...]

SILVERTON, Ore. – Silverton’s openly transgender mayor is under fire for his choice of attire when he went to speak to a group of students. Silverton Together, a non-profit group that works with young people, filed a formal complaint and Mayor Stu Rasmussen is not happy that his wardrobe is under attack. “Why are we even [...]


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