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Jacob’s Patience

In: Random

5 Aug 2010

As if Dennis Wideman’s game-winning backhander to the glove side wasn’t rare enough, the only Dennis Wideman fan on the planet happened to be in attendance today. I thought I had a better chance of meeting Bigfoot than seeing this guy on TV.

It’s strange, he could predict the Conan fiasco, but he couldn’t predict that a diet of drugs, booze, and canoles would lower his life expectancy to age 45.

I’m With Coco

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13 Jan 2010

Image from: ( For those of you that have been living under a rock (other than 30 rock), Conan O’Brien and NBC are having a stand-off. Because of Jay’s low ratings in primetime and Conan’s slow start, the network wants to move The Jay Leno Show into The Tonight Show time slot pushing The Tonight Show [...]

This one’s been kicking around the internet for awhile, but it always delivers: l Great stuff from Billy right there.  I understand where he’s coming from though.  I also tend to check my watch and sniff uncomfortably when I realize I’m fucking up a blog post.  Below is a catchy little remix that will keep [...]


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