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2010 Movie Mashup

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14 Dec 2010

It’s been a decent year for movies, I wouldn’t call it great, but there is still some time left to make a splash. A lot will ride on the success of True Grit, The Fighter, and Tron. Inception and The Social Network were obviously the big winners among critics. Other movies may not have been critically acclaimed, [...]

It’s Monday morning after a long weekend of raging. I’ve already had some of my coworkers tell me the same thing.

Pretty sure that was Natalie Imbruglia in there with Mr. Bean.  My biggest crush of the 90′s music scene by a landslide. (filmdrunk, via highdefinite)

Get Out Of There!

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7 May 2010

That whole time, I was waiting for two specific “Get Out Of There’s.” The Independence Day Bill Pullman line (although they used the wrong one) and the Top Gun dick-measuring contest.

I Feel Cheated

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17 Feb 2010

- Thanks to Tim for the tip

This has to be the best web series I have ever seen. I came across it when searching for some Joe Lo Truglio videos. Watch all 7 episodes, you won’t regret it. “The spoiler” is definitely my favorite character.


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5 Jul 2009

Bruno Tries to Make Peace Who wants to go see this next week?

Denis Leary Remembers Denis Leary Movies Part II – watch more funny videos

The Kevin Bacon Movie Club from Kevin Bacon


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