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Survival Tip: Don’t be in this montage.

Get Out Of There!

In: Movies

7 May 2010

That whole time, I was waiting for two specific “Get Out Of There’s.” The Independence Day Bill Pullman line (although they used the wrong one) and the Top Gun dick-measuring contest.

It’s like the ghosts know that the most absolutely terrifying thing you can do to a person is suddenly appear behind them in a mirror. Ghosts are fucking assholes. Clever assholes.

ABC already aired the first hour of tonight’s two-hour premiere on Saturday night in Hawaii. Word on the street is that it was mind-bottling. Below are a few great thematic montages that should get you fired up for tonight. And if you don’t like thematic montages then you can just get the hell out.

I don’t even have time to put a cheesy movie line list together, let alone assemble the necessary clips into a thematically organized montage. Thank God someone else stepped up to the plate.

Epic GIF Compilation

In: Youtube

21 Jan 2010

(via collegehumor)

- Thanks to Tim for the tip


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