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Try Not to Laugh

In: Youtube

21 Dec 2010

I don’t care how cool you think you are, the kid in you has got to find that funny.

  This was Dodge’s response…

“Uncanny Valley”

In: Random

30 Jun 2010

This beautiful painting is entitled “Uncanny Valley” by Brandon Bird. I think I’ll hang one of these prints over my bed.

Trouble Brewing…

In: Youtube

23 Feb 2010

The owl didn’t need evolutionary superior vision to see that bitch slap coming a mile away. Too bad his dickhead owner tethered him to the monkey’s tee-ball stand.

After months of rehab and therapy, Joe the alcoholic was happy to have the monkey off his back. Unfortunately, it ended up on his thumb.

Monkeys are gullible.

In: Random

27 Aug 2009

Usually, I avoid Japanese television programming like the plague – their overuse of whimsical sound effects and the color spectrum can’t persuade me to watch.  But when they add monkeys and magic, fuck it, I’m in.  The only question is: given the choice, would I rather take home that awesome chimp or one of the [...]

MTV’s Human Giant – Carpet Monkey – watch more funny videos


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