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Should be some serious eye candy in this one, and that Megan Fox replacement better bring the goods.

Pure Fantasy

In: Random

21 Sep 2010

…But she’s still on the internet.

To the delight of heterosexual males everywhere, Megan Fox has signed on with Armani for a new underwear campaign. Also great is the fact that Armani seems to prefer holding their photoshoots in rooms that are slightly chilly.

Haven’t posted one of these in quite sometime. Guess it’s just tough to come up with some really tricky ones. Because that’s what we strive for in this segment – difficulty.

These Durex condom advertisements are both self-explanatory and ingenious. The girl in the last photo gives me a Megan Fox vibe.

Time for some Pumpkin Ale – a little pumpkin/cinammon kick just feels appropriate as the temperature starts to drop outside.

Dating Megan Fox

In: Random

7 Oct 2009

Fox News reported Wednesday that Megan Fox would be suiting up as Catwoman in the still-unannounced sequel to the Dark Knight. However, other sources have dismissed the claim as nothing but a rumor. Regardless, this is as good an excuse as any to post pictures of the Transformers star below.

Megan Fox PSA

In: Youtube

13 Aug 2009


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