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Japanese Magic Comedy

In: Youtube

17 May 2011

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I’m always down for a solid magic routine. Especially ones that involve green lazer bowstaff skills.

I love that guy that says he’s definitely not a weirdo. In my book, he’s the exact definition of a weirdo.

The Leprechaun – watch more funny videos

Monkeys are gullible.

In: Random

27 Aug 2009

Usually, I avoid Japanese television programming like the plague – their overuse of whimsical sound effects and the color spectrum can’t persuade me to watch.  But when they add monkeys and magic, fuck it, I’m in.  The only question is: given the choice, would I rather take home that awesome chimp or one of the [...]

Some Crazy Shit

In: Random

7 Aug 2009

Arrival – watch more funny videos

David Blaine Street Magic 2 | Movies & TV |


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