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Lost Lightsaber Duel

In: Youtube

4 Jun 2010

On a completely unrelated note, my favorite show Lost ended with a bang. If you saw the finale, then you’ll enjoy the clip below. Lightsabers + Lost = automatic awesomeness.

The End of an Era

In: Random

23 May 2010

There is no doubt in my mind that Damon and Carlton will end their magnum opus just as they began it – with the most powerful television finale the world has ever seen.

ABC already aired the first hour of tonight’s two-hour premiere on Saturday night in Hawaii. Word on the street is that it was mind-bottling. Below are a few great thematic montages that should get you fired up for tonight. And if you don’t like thematic montages then you can just get the hell out.

I’ve stayed away from LOST spoilers over the last 8 months, but I decided to go ahead and give this scene a watch anyway. I’m actually glad I did. Gets the mental gears moving as we approach the premiere on Tuesday.

I am a big LOST fan, but even I can admit this is funny. Final Season Of ‘Lost’ Promises To Make Fans More Annoying Than Ever

Duh! If anyone has seen LOST, then it is obvious to you that time travel does exist, however the past cannot be changed no matter what.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Good news for fans of ”Lost” — the president doesn’t plan to mess up the television show’s season premiere on ABC. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says he doesn’t foresee a scenario in which President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address will fall on Feb. 2, the same night the show’s final season [...]

Did you get a horrible gift for Christmas that you intend to return? Do the words “Nic Cage” bring a smile to your face? If you answered yes, then the Nicolas Cage Adventure Set is for you!


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