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Lion vs. Tuna

In: Movies

20 Sep 2010

What’s up, tuna? Say hi to ya motha for me.

That was pretty intense. You better be ready to go when you step in the lion’s den. One wrong look and that cat will get right up in your face. Anyone else really impressed that the female tried to play mediator and calm down the male? That’s some impressive training right there. That shit wouldn’t have gone [...]

Balls of Steel

In: WTF?

30 Aug 2010

This guy had obviously just watched Jurassic Park and figured the lion, much like the T-Rex, would not attack a motionless object. His inner monologue there was probably “Holy shit. Don’t be Jeff Goldblum. Don’t be Jeff Goldblum. Don’t be Jeff Goldblum…”

Sluggerrr the Lion, the mascot for the Kansas City Royals, is accused of poking a fan’s eye out with a steaming hot wiener during a Major League Baseball game last year, and now the team is being sued over it.


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