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Spent last night watching a bunch of new Brian Regan material.

Karate Kid

In: Random

21 Mar 2011

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The Land Before Time

In: Comics

8 Feb 2011

I enjoy comics that work on a few different levels. Almost as much as I enjoy a visit from Philosoraptor.

Wes Welker Killing It

In: Sports

14 Jan 2011

I cannot wait for this fucking game. It’s gonna be a bloodbath.

Stall Trek

In: Random

13 Jan 2011

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Snow Day

In: Random

12 Jan 2011

Nothing else to do today other than make some hot chocolate and toss Out Cold into the DVD player for the 100th time in my life. Never gets old.

Well played WB, well played. Makes me wonder what else I missed while watching those after-school cartoons back in ’95

Norm MacDonald is one of my favorite comedians. It’s a shame that he doesn’t get the appreciation he deserves. Should I ever write a movie, I guarantee there will be a part in it for him. He shouldn’t hold his breath though, I spend most of my free time drinking.

You know what’s weird about American History X?  It had two actors from Boy Meets World in it, and both of them were racist pricks.  That’s one hell of a 180.  Mr. Turner’s buddy and Shawn’s girlfriend were lucky to get off that set alive. (via reddit)


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