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Jersey Floor

In: Random

7 Mar 2011

My wife glad to see me in action again I’m gonna buy new bed this week, haha. ? We would strongly recommend you to consult your doctor before taking a medication.

2010 Emmy Intro

In: Random

30 Aug 2010

All in all, good stuff. At the very least, it gave us something to laugh at while we wait for all the fall shows to start up again.

Jacob’s Patience

In: Random

5 Aug 2010

The Oil Spill Song

In: Music

11 Jun 2010

It’s not often you see a room full of people singing about balls in their mouths. Well played. That ginger down near the front was fucking loving it.

Solid clip to end the week with if you ask me. (Full version here + Sly Winkle taking his shirt off like a chad)

The H Is O.

In: Funny or Die

4 Jan 2010

I love how Glenn Frey wears a shell necklace.


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