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Japanese Magic Comedy

In: Youtube

17 May 2011

viagra super active

…clap your hair.

I swear, the only good stuff coming out of Japan these days are electronics and awesome youtube videos.

Herbivore men: Japanese men in their twenties are turning away from macho ideals like muscled bodies and business suits in favor of a more effeminate lifestyle

Monkeys are gullible.

In: Random

27 Aug 2009

Usually, I avoid Japanese television programming like the plague – their overuse of whimsical sound effects and the color spectrum can’t persuade me to watch.  But when they add monkeys and magic, fuck it, I’m in.  The only question is: given the choice, would I rather take home that awesome chimp or one of the [...]

Webcam Domination

In: Music

24 Aug 2009

1.  This song kinda sucks. 2.  This video’s kinda awesome. 3.  The singer needs new pants. 4.  Yellow shirt guy at :52 looks like the Emperor from The Last Samurai. 5.  Some people have too much time on their hands.

For those of you potentially upset about my image choice, you should be happy I didn’t go with this one. TOKYO (Reuters Life!) – Three years ago, a poster of a nude and heavily pregnant Britney Spears sparked concern in Japan before it was displayed in Tokyo’s subways because it was considered “too stimulating” for [...]

I am told this thing is a type of lobster that can be found in Japan. In that case, I’ll order the steak.


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