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Just to clarify – Incoherent babbling drunks are OK in my book. Destructive drunks suck - Unless you are causing destruction to the property of obnoxious Yankee or Canadien fans.

Imagine Jay Leno having to come up with witty banter every time Harrison Ford gave a 3-word response. Instead of being subtly hilarious it would have been unbearably awkward.

Great Interview

In: Movies

21 Oct 2010

Thanks to Chris from Boston Sports Pulse for the tip.

Soup Nazi Interview

In: Youtube

7 Sep 2010

Surprise, surprise…the real-life soup nazi is a dick. That dude needs to get over himself. His business would have zero chance of franchising outside NY if not for that Seinfeld episode. I hope that guy sitting next to him has a master plan to swindle his money away from him in this franchising venture.

Here’s the actual edited interview for those that missed it.

And we’re back with another Great Male Reaction, brought to you by the Salute Your Shorts DVD box set.  We’re dubbing this one the “I swear to drunk I’m not God.”  The calm build-up to the final climax is awesome.  You quickly realize that A.) This kid is clearly struggling after a long night out, [...]

Zombie-American Chapter One from Ed Helms


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