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In: Youtube

23 Feb 2011

Simple yet effective. You know I actually had to look up what chat program they were using

Inception Applied

In: Youtube

4 Nov 2010

Limbo is when you wake up the following morning next to a heffer. And then you realize…she inception’d you.

Christmas Inception

In: Movies

19 Aug 2010

While we’re on the subject of Inception parodies, we might as well beat it to death.

P.S. – If the video seems glitchy, then you have a shitty computer/internet connection and you should switch it from 720p to 480p or 360p in the bottom right.

David After Inception

In: Comics

2 Aug 2010

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In: Comics

23 Jul 2010

This teaser trailer was recently released for 2010′s Inception. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and is directed by Christopher Nolan. For those of you who eagerly await Nolan’s next Batman film, this preview may pique your interest enough to forget about the caped crusader.


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