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Survival Tip: Be better at bikes.

Car Wash Fail

In: Youtube

16 Sep 2010

What the hell kind of car wash was that? Where I come from you throw your car in neutral and it glides through. Seems odd to have the washing machine itself in motion. But I guess that’s not important. The thing I really want to know was what was on his windshield. Was it a parking [...]

So Al K sent me a link today about the new version of Google Docs. I’m a bit of a tech enthusiast so I couldn’t help but check it out. Within 10 seconds I knew it was a joke, but Al is still convinced this is plausible. What an idiot. See below.

Survival Tip: Stop using your face to break your fall.

Killer boots, man. Let’s breeze through the nominees that have stepped up since the Leno/Conan shitstorm dissipated.  Simon Monjack announced he would be filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Warner Brothers, claiming they killed his wife Brittany Murphy by firing her from Happy Feet 2.  He went on to state: “She has never, and I [...]

Is that Blake Wheeler in the background?

This week in idiots…

In: News

19 Jan 2010

If Dieter had planned this whole thing out a little better, he would have had idiot Stefan Koch bring him a bottle of vodka, cigarettes, and fireworks, too.


In: Youtube

8 Jan 2010

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

This Week in Idiots…

In: Random

18 Sep 2009

1. Fast forward to 1:48 2. Look at the score 3. Watch the player inbounding the ball 4. Realize that this is why nobody watches the WNBA.


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