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Remember This?

In: Sports

9 Mar 2011

I’m not saying Pacioretty deserved to be embedded in plexiglass at a 90 degree angle, but you reap what you sow

Howsyaday, Matt Ellis?

In: Sports

20 Apr 2010

Sick game tonight. There’s a lot I want to praise, but I’ll try to be quick. Even though the shot totals were close, the B’s dominated the play in every zone.

My first thought after seeing Savard twitch on the ice like an injured player from NHLPA ’93 was that Claude should send out Lucic, Thornton, Stuart, and Chara all at once next time Matt Cooke stepped on the ice.

Survival Tip: Watch out for black men with blonde hair.

Chicago Blackhawk’s Jonathan Toews takes a huge hit from Willie Mitchell of the Vancouver Canucks.


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