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This was not a fair fight. There are types of people that you just don’t hit. I’m pretty sure women and amputees are at the top of that list. How were these guys supposed to know they had Chuck Norris moves up their sleeves?

Baywatch quality acting right there. Who knew you could just shake off a bullet to the chest? Also, who wastes a rocket on a blow-up doll?

I was hooked early on by the slow motion punches willingly taken to the face. Two ripped off shirts, a towel whip, a gouged eyeball, a kick-ass ginger chick, and a lot of yelling later I crowned this a great moment in film.

You won’t be craving ground beef after watching this clip.

Inconceivable car crashes, horseback chase scenes, undeniable animal cruelty, tons of broken glass, and unprovoked explosions. What more could you ask for in a movie?

Steven Seagal pistol takedown. They don’t make helicopters like they used to.

This clip is from a movie called Emmanuelle in Rio. My favorite part was the “I can get the door” discussion. English is obviously not this actress’ first language, but the script writers didn’t give her much of a chance either. They trusted her with about 3 lines to repeat over and over. “Get out.” [...]

Gotta love the extended scream shot followed by a pumpkin fatality.

Having not seen this movie, I am still trying to figure out why there was an auditorium full of people watching this guy’s death. I very easily could have made this entry #4 for “Horrible Ways to Die,” but we’ll save that for another time.

I don’t know what was more unrealistic…the ninjas on roller skates or the existence of such a shitty car.


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