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Mother of God…

In: Random

22 Nov 2010

Google Autofill

In: WTF?

2 Sep 2010

So Al K sent me a link today about the new version of Google Docs. I’m a bit of a tech enthusiast so I couldn’t help but check it out. Within 10 seconds I knew it was a joke, but Al is still convinced this is plausible. What an idiot. See below.

GOOGLE, Kan. (CBS/AP) — Topeka’s mayor says the city shall temporarily be referred to as “Google, Kansas – the capital city of fiber optics,” in an effort to persuade the Internet giant to test an ultra-fast connection in the state capital. Mayor Bill Bunten issued the proclamation Monday after no city council members objected to [...]

Some guy named Erial Ali has been charging $150-$250 a pop for these “magical” photoshop transformations.

Google Maps Is A Snitch

In: News

24 Jun 2009

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch twin brothers who mugged a teenager in the northern town of Groningenwere arrested after being caught on camera by a car gathering images for Google‘s online photo map service, police said. The pair stole the 14-year-old boy’s mobile phone and 165 euros ($230) in cash last September. “The picture was taken just a [...]

What the hell happened in 2006? (Click the image for more statistics…including an overwhelming viewership in the Czech Republic) This may have something to do with the January 2006 release of Big Momma’s House 2. – Thanks to Coleman for the tip


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