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ZSUZSANNA RIPLI is a 29 year-old model from Szigetvár, Hungary. She has only been modeling for a couple of years so there is not much information about her online. I doubt any of you actually read the text in these posts anyway. On to the pics…

GEMMA ATKINSON is a 25 year-old actress and model from Greater Manchester, England. She has modeled in FHM, Maxim, Zoo and many other magazines. Her US television career is comprised of reality show appearances such as I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! and Celebrity Weakest Link. Oh, and according to Wikipedia, Gemma owns a [...]

PETRA CUBONOVA is a supermodel from the Czech Republic. She has been photographed for GQ and many other fashion magazines. She may very well be the hottest woman I have ever featured in this segment. Enjoy.

I’m back motherfuckers! I know it’s been a while since good ol’ Thurgood Jenkins posted anything but I’ve been pretty busy getting blackout drunk and being a lazy piece of shit. But I’m back now so enjoy Megan Hauserman. I have no idea why she’s famous but she’s pretty hot and wants us to know [...]

Teresa Palmer gallery: TERESA PALMER is a 23 year-old actress from South Australia. She is best known for her roles in Bedtime Stories and December Boys

Elly Tran Ha is a pretty Vietnamese model who recently got famous on the Internet as her photos are circulated. She is 22 years old this year (2009) and is an American-borned-Vietnamese, who has recently moved back to Vietnam from the USA. She works as a part-time model while furthering her studies. Also, she’s the [...]

Picture gallery featuring a hot young swimsuit model named Chloe Kalin

MICHELLE MCCOOL is a 29 year-old professional wrestler from Palatka, Florida. She is the reigning WWE Women’s Champion and has been wrestling since 2004.

JANUARY JONES is a 31 year-old American actress from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She recently “made news” by claiming ex-boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher, was unsupportive of her acting career (who reads this shit). She now stars in the hit AMC show Mad Men, but most of her previous work has been on the big screen. You can catch her in Bandits, Anger Management, and American Wedding to name a few. I really don’t know what Ashton was thinking. Whether she can act or not, there is always room for a hot blonde in show business.

JESSICA BARTON is a 26 year-old model and actress from Cocoa Beach, Florida. She has a twin sister, Jennifer, who you can see in some of the pictures below. She has been an MMA Authority Cover Girl and has also been featured in FHM. She loves cars, video games, and tattoos. She can often be seen at NHRA sports compact car shows. She even enjoys making out with chicks.


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