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Conserving Heat

In: Comics

11 Feb 2011

Gay Hipster Fight

In: Youtube

15 Sep 2010

CBS Isn’t Gay Enough

In: News

4 Aug 2010

Ktar – According to blogger Brian Stetler of the NY Times, the network wants to beef up the number of gay roles in its primetime lineup. “The Good Wife,” “Rules of Engagement” and the new William Shatner sitcom “$#*! My Dad Says” will all get a gay character. This all, after GLAAD, the Gay and [...]

What the fuck dude? Is he on drugs or just the most homosexual person ever to exist in the history of mankind? I normally have no problem with gay people. As long as they aren’t flaunting their gayness in my face, they are cool by me. Some guys like to rail chicks, some guys like to suck dicks. I’ve come [...]

“Are You Gay?”

In: Random

1 Jul 2010

Soccer Officially Announces It Is Gay

Awkward Sex Ed Videos

In: Youtube

19 May 2010

- Thanks to Sam for the tip.


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