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Charlie Sheen Mask

In: Youtube

28 Jun 2011

Pathological Liar

In: Commercials

29 Apr 2011

Punch it Chewie!

In: Random

8 Mar 2011

(via furiousfanboys) Good product and long expiration date; arrived quickly. ! We’re a company that is dedicated to providing you the high-quality prescription medication you need.

(via reddit)

Inception Applied

In: Youtube

4 Nov 2010

Limbo is when you wake up the following morning next to a heffer. And then you realize…she inception’d you.

Porn Tech Support

In: Random

3 Nov 2010

Clint Webb may be one sarcastic sonofabitch, but by George I’d follow that man to the white house and back.

Accordian Dog

In: Random

16 Sep 2010

Your move, Felis Catus. Your move.

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